AGO was created by (3) professionals whose long-term experience in top-notch bars & restaurants both in Switzerland and abroad (Oslo, Athens, Santorini, Shanghai, New York), has made them passionate about offering quality to both sides:

  • Excellent Customer Services
  • Long – lasting and successful Bar Operations

We are firm believers of doing everything with Care & Respect and we are more than willing to share our know-how in the following services:

  • Design a new bar station or Re-design an existing one when change management is needed.
  • Suggest & Create new cocktail menus, based on seasonal, occasional or other needs (Summer menu, Christmas menu..etc)
  • Offer advice on quality raw materials & new trends
  • Train your staff to deliver the best results
  • Catering for specific events (birthday parties, corporate events etc)
  • After Consulting Services

Everything we provide is a result of sincere communication of needs and desires, as our way of working with our clients is honest, upright and passionate.

AGO Team will help you set up, organize and run your bar related business by working with goals and tangible results.

Do you have a specific idea in mind about your existing or new bar related business?

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss and offer new ideas and important milestones.